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Thursday, May 26th 2005 | 10:11pm
[ mood | excited ]

okay so the summer splash concert was sooo incredibly awesome. i had the best time EVER! allison and i got to the Office Depot Center around 6:45- concert starts at 7. so we found our seats which were like the worst in the whole place- top section all the way across the stage. so all we could see was little bursts of color from the ppl on stage. first was the pussycat dolls. they did okay. i didn't realize there was 7 girls in that group! they didn't get a great crowd reaction, they only sang two songs. one song that was like a remake then that other song thats on the radio, don't ya? or soemthing like that. honestly, one girl looked like a stripper. actually it was just like a strip show anyway lol. then gavin degraw came on ♥♥ he did so well i loved his show! he played "i dont' wanna be" then "follow through" then "chariot" i thought he performed really really well. then after he went offstage, allison and i decided we needed to get better seats. so we went down to the bottom level. we walked into the door way and waited until the guard got distracted and walked down into the THIRD row on the side of the stage! Omg best seats ever. Lindsay lohan came out on stage and was talking with one of the radio hosts and the guy was like “okay Lindsay, I’m sure you’ll love this next group” so I was thinking its going to be Simple Plan because BSB will probably be saved for last. Then he says “They haven’t made an album in five years! HERES THE BACKSTREET BOYS!” and everyone in the whole stadium, including me went NUTS! All of a sudden, I saw Kevin Richarson back stage because there was a little opening between the stage background and the poles for the lighting where the artist came out of. So I was like OMG I’m sooo close. Honestly, I was 15-20 yards away from the stage, it was so awesome. Then they all came out and just stood on stage for like 1 minute and the whole arena was going crazy. I felt like I was 10 years old again. They first sang their last song, “gotta go” or something like that. Then they played a new song I haven’t heard. During that song I noticed a guard was checking tickets! So I was like ALLISON we gotta get out of here! Lol so we just went like 5 rows back where there was a lot of space. So I was like maybe 30 yards away- still good enough to see PERFECTLY! Too bad I didn’t have my camera. Then they sang “I want it that way” then a new song then “incompete” then they had to do “back street’s back” lol. I was singing and going crazy the whole time. Honestly that was the BEST part of the whole concert. I can’t believe I was that close to BSB!!! At one point AJ was like man I can’t believe you guys still remember all our lyrics. You could tell they were having a great time and really enjoyed performing again. Not to mention the whole arena was going crazy the whole time. Next was jesse McCartney. I think something was wrong with the speakers or something because he didn’t sound that good. And he was singing kinda weird. I had to call my sis and my friend Joanne because they both love him lol. Then at the end of his performance, he did some sorta dance- it was kinda funny. After jesse was simple plan. omg they were so awesome too. They had soo much energy and did really well. They first played “addicted” then “welcome to my life” then “untitled” then “perfect”. during “perfect” pierre told everyone who had glow sticks to take them out, and not a lot of people did so he was like okay everyone else get out your cell phones. It was actually really cool seeing all the colors everywhere. Then tyler Hilton came and sang a song and hosted for the rest of the night. So after simple plan was Mario, he was okay. The only song I liked was “let me love you” then Gwen Stefani was next. Omg her performance was AWESOME! She started out with some song I didn’t know then she sang “whatcha waiting for” that was soo cool then “Rich Girl.” after that she sang a song called “cool” I think- its going to be her next single. Then she sang “Hollaback Girl” which was one of the coolest parts of the night. All these band durmmer guys came out with like real marching band instruments and her backup dancers dressed up as cheerleaders. At the B-A-N-A-N-A-S part I honestly think everyone sung that part- it was sooo awesome. Then next wasRYAN CABRERA came on!! I saw him backstage from where I was sitting and I was like OMG! I LOVE YOU RYAN!!! Haha lol he sang “Exit to Exit” first- ♥ that song!!! Then he played “40 Kinds of Sadness” then “True” then he goes okay this is a new song about French Toast. And I was like huh?? Lol then he began “On the Way Down”. at the end of the song he switched places with the drummer and he played the drums really really well! I was like wow! Didn’t know he could play that well. He looked so hot with his black pinstripe shirt with a tie and spikey hair. He actually seemed kinda short. Lol after ryan was Ciara- I can’t remember the first song she did. Then she did “goodies” then “oh” then “1,2 Step”. then sometimes she would be like “okay everyone repeat after me! Say GOODIES-- she did that like 10 times and I was like okay enough already. Then she was like everyone say “GO CICI GO CICI GO!!” like 10 times and did it over and over and not a lot of people were saying it after awhile. She looked kinda pissed when she went off-stage.

In all, I had a great time. I’ll remember that for like the rest of my life. I was just so in awe of being that close to celebrities… that’s the closest I’ve ever been. The most surreal part was BSB performance. I couldn’t believe I was actually seeing them in concert and they were only like 15 yards away at one point. And ryan Cabrera was AMAZING as well. I was singing the whole and couldn’t stop smiling! :D but here it is, Thursday night, and my ears are stilling ringing lol the music was soo loud-- and we were right by the speakers. Its funny, I paid $30 for my ticket… and the seats we ended up moving down to were probably worth over $150. I think the seats that were on the floor in front of the stage were over $500!!! CRAZY! Lol

I forgot to bring my camera, but I found pics from the concert on getty images so here are some- there wasn’t any ryan Cabrera or ciara but the other ones are good. the pictures that are straight on, i was standing like 30 yards to the right :D

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